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The world’s most recognizable brands trust Textio for their job posts. Whether you’re filling a first-time role or recruiting rocket scientists, win top talent with inclusive job ads that inspire a diverse group of candidates to apply.

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“The data speaks for itself. If you’re using Textio and using the most inclusive language you can, you’re going to attract candidates and get through the process quicker.”

— Lacey Foster, Sr. Manager of Talent Acquisition Programs, T-Mobile

Attract candidates faster with AI-optimized job ads

Strong Textio score.

Textio Score

As you type, your Textio Score predicts how diverse your pipeline will be. Instant suggestions show you what to change to draw in applicants from more backgrounds. Learn more

Real time detection of unconscious bias in writing.

Bias interruption

See exactly how your job posts appeal to different groups. Textio highlights gendered phrases, racism, age bias, ableism, corporate clichés, and much more. Learn more

Insights on specific language in writing.

Trustworthy AI for HR

Textio’s language model is DEIB-trained. Whether you’re editing a job you wrote or generating a new one, Textio makes sure bias isn’t filtering out great candidates. Learn more

Stacked bar chart tracking analytics quarter by quarter.

Data to measure progress

See your job posts become more inclusive and engaging over time. Reporting shows you where there’s still room for improvement. Learn more

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Extensions and integrations

Access Textio directly in Workday, Taleo, iCIMS, Greenhouse, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle, LinkedIn, Outlook, and Gmail—or write at Learn more

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Templates to save you time

A library of optimized job posts and templates helps recruiters open job reqs faster, engage the right candidates, and reduce overall cost-per-hire. Learn more

Tools for a great candidate experience

Write directly in your ATS
Team analytics and reporting
CSV import and export
Hiring manager shared review
Shape your culture brand
Industry benchmarks
Built for enterprise
Use in Outlook, Gmail, InMail