Case studies


Managers at Velera use Textio Lift to write performance reviews twice as fast and boost feedback quality by 67%.


Duolingo learns a more inclusive recruiting language
Duolingo brings on Textio to refine job posts, improve talent branding, and scale DEIB across the company.
Nevada County opens up outreach
Nevada County creates more inclusive and engaging job posts and streamlines recruiting ops to reach diverse candidate pools faster with Textio.
T-Mobile scales DEI impact
T-Mobile embeds Textio's language guidance throughout their recruiting workflows and sees 17% more women applicants and 5 days faster time to fill.
Zendesk increases representation
Zendesk implements Textio to standardize an inclusive voice and changes its hiring demographics while saving time. outshines their competitors uses Textio to overhaul hiring language to align with broader DEIB commitments, and beats talent competitors while enhancing culture.
Tucows ramps up inclusive hiring
Tucows sees an opportunity to reduce bias in recruiting and invests in Textio to attract candidates across more ages and genders.
Kelly refines their candidate experience
Kelly uses Textio's employer brand guidance to refine website copy, social media, and other marketing materials for a more inclusive candidate experience.
Amgen showcases their great culture
Amgen translates its exceptional culture and employee experience to its recruiting materials to more effectively compete for top talent with Textio.
Gallagher revitalizes their brand
Gallagher empowers recruiters with data and refreshes employer brand language and job posts to reach more diverse talent pools with Textio.
Co-op celebrates their strong values
Co-op uses Textio to scale its employer brand language throughout its job posts and attracts a more gender-diverse talent pipeline.
McDonald's modernizes their recruiting
McDonald's brings Textio on board amid a recruiting technology upgrade, and gears up to hire top candidates faster with inclusive messaging.
Zillow removes bias and barriers
Zillow Group applies Textio's language guidance and sees 16% more email responses, 1.5x more qualified candidates, and 12% more women applicants.