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‘AI washing’ in HR: How to buy legit AI
A systematic review of popular HR AI products and their marketing. Get a...
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Understanding Lattice’s AI for HR
Learn what Lattice is saying in its AI marketing and how it compares to its...
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What is good performance feedback?
Learn the key elements of effective performance feedback: clear,...
Textio generative AI product shot
Why you can trust Textio AI to generate performance reviews
Discover how Textio AI revolutionizes performance reviews with actionable...
For managers
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Inclusive managers make for thriving teams
Learn how inclusive managers drive thriving teams by fostering a sense of...
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How to improve team communication
Learn how to improve team communication by breaking away from the...
How to help your team prioritize their work
Learn from industry leaders on how to help your team prioritize...
For talent leaders
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How to make progress amidst ambiguity
Learn how to navigate ambiguity in the workplace, address unspoken...
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Promotion freezes are hurting your employee morale
Discover how stagnant promotions are impacting employee morale and career...
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How to give feedback to help employees be more adaptable
Learn how to give feedback that promotes adaptability in employees, helping...
AI in HR
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Textio Lift integrates with SAP SuccessFactors for writing performance feedback
Announcing AI-powered performance reviews with Textio Lift for SAP SuccessFactors
Empower talent development teams with AI-powered performance reviews in SAP...
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Introducing Generate a Job Post with Textio AI
Introducing Generate a Job Post with Textio AI: Explore how Textio's AI...
Your go-to guide for understanding data privacy
Your go-to guide for understanding data privacy in the AI era:...
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