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People who get low-quality feedback are 63% more likely to quit than everyone else.


Mindful AI series
What if we could use generative AI to combat bias rather than reinforce it? Textio CEO Kieran Snyder explores how mindful AI can accelerate DEI.
ChatGPT research series
Textio CEO Kieran Snyder wrote thousands of job posts, candidate messages, performance feedback messages, and more with ChatGPT. She shares everything HR, DEI, and Talent leaders need to know about generative AI and bias.
The recruiter's guide to interrupting bias
Become a more inclusive recruiter with these bias interruption techniques. Get concrete tips to see and stop bias in five major recruiting processes.
The truth about bias in performance feedback
Textio has found strong patterns of inequity in job performance feedback. See the data analysis and survey results in this research report.
Rethinking your approach to inclusion
There’s only one way to build a sustainably inclusive team, and you may be overlooking it. Learn how to create a “flywheel of belonging” with this guide.