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500 reasons to get certified in Inclusive Recruiting

September brings the start of a new school year for many students, and at Textio, it marks one full month since the launch of our customer learning hub, Textio U.

Since August, over 500 Textio U students have pledged to earn a certification in Inclusive Recruiting. Many more have already finished the course and earned their badges. These students—which include recruiters, hiring managers, Heads of DEI, Chief Human Resource Officers, and more—shared why completing this course was important to them.

We’re so inspired by the many reasons our students shared for wanting to earn their certifications. Here are just a few of them:

Graphic of speech bubbles with quotes from Textio U students completing the passage "I will earn my Inclusive Recruiting certification. This is important to me because..."

If you're a Textio customer and you haven’t taken the certification course yet, you can register any time at Textio U. And if you need more time (it will only take 60 minutes!), you can still take a moment to make your pledge in writing today. Students who write down their commitments to completing the certification course are 22% more likely to finish it!

For students who have already earned their certifications, a new video series, "Using language to disrupt the status quo," is also now available on Textio U. In these videos, linguist and psychologist (and Textio product manager) Dr. Eleanor Chestnut explores how small changes in the words you use at work can have a big impact on employee engagement and belonging. Start watching here!

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