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You know in the movies, when the hero is trying to figure out which wire to cut to defuse the bomb? The secret agent, scissors in hand, stares at a tangled mass of colored wires, while the partner back at Spy HQ calmly guides them step by step through the complicated process as the timer ticks toward disaster.

Well, when you’re struggling to write a great job listing, every word is intertwined, and every change affects a complex web of factors contributing to your success. In this movie, Textio is your calm partner, untangling the relationships and telling you exactly what to fix next. Thanks to Textio’s guidance, the counter spins up to 100 rather than counting down to doom. This is why using Textio is EXACTLY like starring in an action movie that’s jam-packed with data science and natural language processing. (Spoiler alert: everyone lives.)

Augmented writing (writing guidance supported by data) is the heart and soul of Textio. Behind every word or phrase you type there are millions of patterns that show whether or not that phrase will have the impact you want it to. But how do you know which words have which impact?

It’s a tough problem because every single word matters! Textio is continually analyzing each word and how it relates to all the others in your writing. Every change you make causes ripples throughout the whole. For example, when you add an equal opportunity statement, you’re also changing the length of the listing, the number of adjectives, and balance of active and passive language. All of those factors contribute to the Textio Score, which predicts how fast your job is going to fill relative to other similar jobs in your industry and market. Textio’s goal is always to guide you to a perfect 100.

Textio’s guidance just got a lot smarter. Now, when you look below the Textio Score, you’ll see a ranked list of exactly what you can do to raise the Textio Score as efficiently as possible. Behind every bullet on this list is a snippet of data that will show you more insight in to how the changes you make will impact your Textio Score.

Textio product screen of job posting analysis showing Textio Score and ranked list of suggestions to improve it

The issue at the top of the list is the most serious. If it’s marked with a bright red bullet, fixing the issue will gain you about 30 points (of course, fixing one issue may have downstream effects, so the 30 points is an approximation). Down at the bottom of the list, you’ll see the minor problems that aren’t causing such a dramatic loss. You should fix these issues too, but they won’t have a big impact on score. (In fact, they might not matter at all once you’ve addressed the worst issues!)

The data shows that job listings with Textio Scores above 90 fill 17% faster, and they attract 25% more qualified people from a broader population. By providing writers even more data on precisely how changes will raise a job listing’s Textio Score, more writers will achieve the maximum benefits that Textio can provide.

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