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How to have crucial conversations as a manager

Hey there! 

Welcome to our brand new blog series, "Let's talk feedback." 

Giving great feedback is critical to the growth and success of your employees. But it can be pretty tough for many managers to tackle everything on their plates, and it's all too easy to unintentionally cause confusion, knock down morale, or even make team members tune out completely.

So, we've created this series to clear up the feedback fog. We're here to arm you with the tips and tactics you need to give feedback that's not just heard but helpful. From understanding constructive criticism to building a culture of ongoing feedback, each post will explore hands-on strategies, real-life stories, and advice from fellow managers to help you get your point across effectively. 

- ❤️ Team Textio

How to have crucial conversations

Crucial conversations are those talks you have to have when the stakes are high, there is a difference of opinion, and feelings are strong.

An example could be chatting with a colleague about missing deadlines or discussing the division of chores with a roommate. These conversations are not always fun but necessary. If you find yourself in a crucial conversation, it takes being open to alternate ideas than your own.

Create a safe environment where everyone involved feels like they can share their views without judgment or potential retaliation. Starting the conversation with a shared goal or objective can help.

Start with a tone of collaboration. For example, start with, “The project we are working on is to have a more efficient tech request process. I want to meet to get your ideas so that the outcomes meet the needs of our department. Keep the conversation focused on business outcomes not subjective opinions.

This method will assist in resolving the issues and preserve the relationship.


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