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You can hire smarter.

Textio is a machine learning platform that mines data from 70 million real-world job posts and hiring outcomes to discover the language patterns that statistically impact recruiting performance. By combining artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies with a networked enterprise user base, Textio has created an innovative learning loop that gets smarter with every keystroke.

Customers in the Textio learning loop significantly improve the performance of job posts and candidate e-mails compared to their competition. Textio highlights the most statistically significant phrases in your own writing and offers clear guidance to help you better compete for the talent you need.

Graph showing that Textio use brings in 24% more qualified candidates, 12% more diverse candidates, and 17% faster hiring

Textio delivers better recruiting and hiring performance on every metric that matters.

Our case studies show that companies using Textio will attract a cohort of applicants that is on average 24% more qualified and 12% more diverse than those applying to the competition — and Textio customers fill positions on average 17% faster.

“Square uses Textio to help us rewrite our job descriptions to measure against bias: in recent A/B testing, a rewritten job description received twice as many applications, both male and female, demonstrating to us that the use of inclusive language appeals to everyone….” — Ben Pfisterer, Square

Screenshot of the Textio product

How does it work?

Textio is built on a unique platform of technologies that we have come to call a “predictive engine”:

  • Advanced natural language processing methodologies
  • Data mining on a set of more than 40 million job listings and growing
  • Sophisticated machine intelligence algorithms

And yet despite its technical complexity, Textio has a remarkably intuitive interface so that everyone at your company can collaborate on the hiring process. All you have to do is start typing; Textio not only analyzes and scores your document in real time as you go, but it also gives you clear, evidence-based guidance that improves your document’s ability to attract quality candidates without losing your unique voice.

There is no software installation, no systems integration, and no training required. Just create an account and start writing and sharing documents. Check out our website for a quick tour of Textio’s intuitive interface and team collaboration features.

“I love @textio, they might just save our civilization.” — Keiran Thompson, Stanford visiting scholar & Datagami co-founder

We launched Textio with a focus on recruiting content because we wanted to help root out unconscious selection bias and improve the hiring process. But job posts and candidate e-mails are just one small part of the world of writing that can benefit from this technology. We believe Textio represents not just the next stage of evolution for SaaS products, but the future of intelligent enterprise productivity platforms.

Join us today and help the revolution unfold.

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