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You may say I’m a dreamer…

But I’m definitely not the only one.

We queried Textio’s database of over 50 million job listings with outcomes data to investigate which phrases have the biggest impact on the rate at which job descriptions fill. In short: the language you use directly impacts the candidates you attract.

One of my favorite findings from our investigation was a quantitative link between two familiar concepts: teachers and dreams.

Textio’s database revealed that listings for “teacher” and “instructor” positions were 10% more likely to fill quickly when they contained the word “dream.”

Average time to fill a Teacher or Instructor job: normally 34 days, but if the job add contains the word "dream", then 13 days

I’ve been fortunate to have amazing teachers, instructors and mentors in my past that have steered me towards new realms of knowledge, goals that I didn’t even know that I had. I think that others would agree (but feel free to share this with one of your favorite teachers just to be sure!); teachers push us towards our dreams.

Interested in reading about how language performs across other industries? See what the data had to say about software engineers and copy editors on the Textio blog.

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