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Quickly optimize job posts, email, social posts, and more with data-driven inclusion guidance. Expand your candidate pool and establish a consistent candidate experience.


Disrupt unconscious bias across your entire recruiting funnel

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Textio Score

As you type, your Textio Score shows how closely your writing tracks to Textio’s data-driven, research-backed language guidance. Learn more

Real time detection of unconscious bias in writing.

Social bias detection

Textio invented real-time detection of unconscious social bias in writing, so you can see exactly how your language appeals to different groups. Learn more

Insights on specific language in writing.

Advanced language insights

See insights on gendered phrases, harmful language, age bias, corporate clichés, engaging phrases, brand keywords, fixed mindset language, and much more. Learn more

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Trackable analytics

Quantify the impact of your inclusion efforts by tracking changes in your entire team’s language over time. Learn more

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Write where you work

Write with Textio guidance directly in Workday, Taleo, iCIMS, Greenhouse, SAP SuccessFactors, LinkedIn Recruiter, Outlook, and Gmail—or write at Learn more

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Built for enterprise

Textio is ISO 27001 security certified and offers SSO access, a shared central library, customizable user groups, departmental templates, and more. Learn more

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