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Augmented writing in your Applicant Tracking System

The power of augmented writing is having language data insights at your fingertips. That’s why for the last year we’ve been bringing Textio to more of the places that your team writes: in Outlook, Gmail, and LinkedIn.

One of the most sought after places for having access to Textio in our customers’ day to day writing is the applicant tracking system. In a first-of-its-kind integration, we are bringing Textio insights into Greenhouse. This allows our customers who use Greenhouse to have the power of augmented writing where recruiters, hiring managers and talent acquisition leaders are working every day.

We've had a few customers try out the integration in beta and the response has been ecstatic. Senior Director of Talent Acquisition at CarGurus, Eric Richmond, shared: “Having Textio at our fingertips inside of Greenhouse has been essential in ensuring that our job descriptions attract a diverse set of candidates. The seamless way that we are able to get Textio's language insights immediately as we are filling out the job description in Greenhouse allows us to understand the impact of our job posts before we publish them."

Optimize your team’s workflow

The Textio integration with Greenhouse simplifies the workflow for your team, whether you are working in Textio or Greenhouse.

When starting in Textio, just set the status of your final document to "Shared" or “Finished.” Then click “Publish to Greenhouse” and Textio will show you a window where you can locate the corresponding Greenhouse job requisition.

Textio editor with job post finished and send post to greenhouse button

If starting from Greenhouse, you can import any job post from your team’s Textio library without leaving Greenhouse. Just click on the Textio Score ring that you’ll find in the Greenhouse job post editor.

Greenhouse editor blank with blue Import a job post from Textio library button available
Greenhouse editor with Textio job post ready to Import from Textio library with button

You can now see your Textio Score, along with real-time guidance on language performance and inclusion, as you write, edit, and approve within Greenhouse —hiring managers and recruiters don’t need to switch back and forth between systems.

Greenhouse editor with Textio highlights, guidance and insights available

Hiring outcome data associated with your job posts will then by synchronized back into Textio’s predictive engine to generate up-to-date language insights as you and your team write.

Every job post you write is a reflection of what your company values. With the Textio integration with Greenhouse, it has never been easier to ensure that your whole company can write job posts that are on-brand, at scale.

If your recruiting team works in Greenhouse, please reach out to sales@textio.com, or your Textio customer success manager, to hear more about how you can empower your team with data-powered language insights right where they are working.

Stay tuned for more ATS integrations in the coming months!

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