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Textio Lift helps managers write better feedback in Lattice, where they
Fall in ❤️ with giving feedback
Textio Lift is now available for all mutual Textio and Lattice customers....
Textio and Paradigm partner to help you hire and retain diverse teams + build measurable DEIB programs
Textio & Paradigm partner to help you hire and retain diverse teams
Textio and Paradigm have partnered to help more organizations hire and...
Textio and oracle on a blue green gradient background with a product screenshot.
Textio language guidance is now available in Oracle Recruiting Cloud
Empower your team with language insights directly in your ATS
Textio + SAP SuccessFactors on light orange background with partial heart cutouts in the bottom left and top right.
Textio language guidance now available in SuccessFactors
Empower your team with language insights within your ATS
Blue green gradient background with two bar charts in bubbles to the left, a written document in the center, and a pie chart in a bubble to the right.
What does it mean to be “Powered by Textio”?
Textio’s data-powered language guidance is unmatched in quality, accuracy,...
Textio language insights now available in Taleo Recruiting
Bring the power of augmented writing into Taleo to empower your team where...
Textio everywhere: all integrations (Taleo, Greenhouse, iCIMS, Workday)
The power of using Textio everywhere
Make every word count with real-time bias interruption where you’re already...
Textio language insights now available in iCIMS
Empower your team with augmented writing directly in your ATS
Measurement matters in achieving your inclusion and belonging goals
Textio's language trend reports help you manage your inclusive language...
2020 didn't slow down Textio
Textio brought many new product innovations to our customers in 2020
To build an inclusive culture, hire people who value inclusion
Textio now offers insights on the language of inclusion in your employer...
Avoiding harmful language in hiring content
Textio now provides expanded guidance for offensive phrases, developed from...
Textio brings augmented writing to Workday Recruiting
Data-powered language insights directly in your ATS
Bias interruption beyond gender
Textio’s augmented writing guidance expands to include both ageism and...
textio and greenhouse logos
Augmented writing in your Applicant Tracking System
Textio integrates with Greenhouse
Fast Company Most Innovative Companies 2020 Honoree
Fast Company again places Textio among the world’s Most Innovative Companies
2020 marks the fourth year in a row that the editors have recognized the...
Fixing grammar
The old rules of language still apply, until they don't
Stop using copy/paste in your job posts
How Textio builds templates that keep all of your job posts on-brand,...
Screen shot of Textio inside of outlook pictured on a mac book pro
In recruiting, first impressions count
Textio for Outlook brings augmented writing to your Office
Texio flow logo
Welcome to the world, Textio Flow!
Textio Flow is the missing link between the company you are and the company...
Documents, emails and content floating around a button with the word shared
Why sharing is critical to job posts that attract the most qualified candidates
Writing together in Textio makes your workflow faster and more efficient
One green apple sitting separate of a pile of green apples
Show me the data
Now Textio gives you a look at the numbers behind augmented writing, with...
Screenshot of the Textio Hire product
Announcing Textio Hire
Boost engagement with both active and passive job candidates using...
screenshot of person
Get plugged in
The Textio browser extension brings augmented writing into your recruiting...
Many hands touching a document
Why the best job posts come from team effort
Unlock the power of collaboration to improve the hiring performance of your...
A screenshot from Textio letting the user know they have too many adjectives
Textio’s visual editor just got more visual
New orange underlines show the data behind your adjectives
Mouse clicking on gears
Balancing complexity with usability
A look at how we design Textio's user experience
Photo of a four story library
Taming enterprise-sized job libraries with Textio Groups
New collaboration feature organizes your documents into groups and tracks...
A wave showing structure as the crest and content as the body of the wave
The ebb and flow of structure and content
Latest hiring data from Textio’s predictive engine shows improved...
Books on a shelf with job types written on the spine
How to copy a great job listing
Using Textio's document library to collaborate more effectively
Three colored pencils red green and blue
Three quick tips for a well-written job description—based on today’s hiring data
Like Goldilocks, a standout job post has the just-right mix of bullets,...
Globe with the USA facing the viewer and two talking bubble over Washington and Florida with icons in the bubbles. Washington shows a key and handshake, Florida shows a loud speaker and a trophy
The power of location in job posts
Textio shows how the exact same job listing in two cities can result in...
Image of a mac book pro on top of a calendar with the Textio writing experience displayed and a new tag attached
New today: Four features to streamline your writing
Textio’s July Update is packed with improvements
Scale with boxes on each side, 6 boxes on the left with blue conversation bubbles, one box on the right with a purple conversation bubble
Watch your (gender) tone
How Textio reveals the unconscious bias that’s lurking in your job postings...
Line up of colored pencils creating a rainbow of colors
Do this for Pride Month: turn your “EEO statement” into an inclusion promise
Here are three equal employment opportunity additions that go beyond...
Horizontal bar chart listing three metrics detailed in the bullets below
Better hiring starts with smarter writing
The easiest and most effective place to boost your recruiting metrics is at...
Padlock on a door, the padlock has the word jargon written on it
Exactly how bad jargon is holding back your hiring
Corporate cliches are no joke: using them in a job description can make the...
Pond in a field with open space and possibilities
Textio adds new guidance for accounting, executive, hospitality, manufacturing and sales roles
When it comes to hiring language, context is everything
Word cloud on a brick wall
Want to attract top talent? Avoid “orange phrases” in your job description
Orange highlights in Textio indicate language patterns that statistically...
Word cloud over grass
How “green words” find good employees
Green phrases in Textio are statistically proven to draw in more candidates...
Textio Score of 90
What is the Textio Score? Taking the subjectivity out of writing job descriptions
Your Textio Score tells you how fast your job will fill
Person typing on a keyboard
Write here, right now
Textio’s custom-built editor is the new face of augmented writing
How to write your best job post ever part 5
How to write your best job post ever: Part 5
Write your job listings with real-time data to predict how applicants will...
Image of an audience having fun at a concert with blog title overlay
How to write your best job post ever: Part 4
Convince the best candidates to apply with language that’s performing well...
How to write your best job post ever: Part 3
The most effective listings are also the most engaging
Image of a crowd at a concert with the blog title overlaid
How to write your best job post ever: Part 2
Concise job posts attract better people
Hands holding a basketball over the edge of the wall of a damn with the words of the blog title overlaid, screenshot is from How Ridiculous on youtube
“Attitude” means everything. Until it doesn’t.
Textio has new industry-specific phrases for administrative positions,...
How to write your best job post ever: Part 1
What’s the key to attracting good candidates? Let’s take a look at the data...