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Everything Textio is new again

Today, we are so proud to share with you the biggest redesign in the history of Textio. We’ve updated the Textio brand and product to make it better represent who we are and what we are building together with our customers. Our team has been working so hard to bring you something that we hope you’ll love as we continue on our mission to reinvent writing.


Welcome to the new Textio

We bought our original logo from a designer on 99designs for about $100 in October 2014. It served us well, taking us from a company of a couple people in a coffee shop with a crazy idea to a company of more than 20 with thousands of customers all around the world. We will miss our old logo (some of us more than others), but it is time to move on.

Old Textio logo side by side with the new Textio logo

Goodbye, old friend. Hello, Textio!

The new brand distills much more of what makes Textio special. Our mark is a loop, signifying the learning loop that is at the core of our predictive engine. It represents the special relationship we have with our customers, in which shared outcomes data fuels the writing experience, improving predictions for everyone in the loop.

Colors are an important part of the Textio experience, as we use them to highlight significant phrases and biased language in writing. We use colors to provide a simple interface on top of the immense power of the predictive engine. (Just because something is ridiculously powerful doesn’t mean it has to be ridiculously hard to use.)

The four colors of the Textio logo with out the word Textio

The four colors in our mark represent this ease of use and our overall commitment to a great user experience. And the warm, gray text of our company name communicates one of our most treasured company principles: have a point of view, but be low ego.

And, of course, the four color loop is itself also data visualization, a reminder that everything we do is only possible through data and machine intelligence.

I’m even more excited about our new product. We’ve taken the opportunity of a new brand to reimagine the experience of using Textio. From the simplified navigation, to the easier access to key analytics and data, to the streamlined and elegant writing experience, everything about the new Textio puts the focus on your words and the data and insights that improve them.

Screenshot of Textio's writing experience

Textio editor with predictive engine

The new editor is clean and modern, with room for all of the information that helps you to write impactful documents. With a single click, you now have access to industry- and location-specific phrase data and editing guidance. The tone gauge and data graphs have been redesigned to make it easier to see at a glance how to make your document successful.

In short: if you care about how well your words work, this is the place you want to be doing all of your writing.

Screenshot of Textio's document library

Textio Document Library

The Document Library has been redesigned to make its power exceptionally easy to use. You can switch between your personal documents, your team’s shared documents, and analytics and team data all from one place. You can get to views such as the most highly-scored documents in your team’s library, or the most (or least) biased all from one easy list, as well as viewing by location, job title, and many other ways of finding what you’re looking for. Companies store all of their job listings and recruiting mail in Textio, and now that is even more useful.

Textio is the most powerful writing experience in the world. Not measured by the typical commodity word processing features, but instead by the most powerful metric: how effective your writing is. Textio is the only platform that actually helps make the words you write have the impact you need them to have. The companies that use Textio are seeing truly amazing results… and as more and more companies join the learning loop, the advantage to everyone grows beyond what anyone thought was possible.

So: a new brand. A new web site. A reimagined writing experience. The next chapter for Textio and artificial intelligence-powered writing. Let us know what you think. We are building the future of writing together.

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