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Hiring to a degree

The talent market is affected by supply and demand just like every other market. If you are hiring for a salesperson, and there is a glut of experienced salespeople, then you’re probably going to fill that position quickly. But specific position requirements might skew your odds.

A good example is specifying a degree: does requiring one make it easier or harder to find the right candidate? Textio data shows that, in general, requiring a degree slows your hiring down. For instance, healthcare roles fill on average 30% slower when a degree requirement is included.

On the other hand, if you’re hiring for sales and marketing roles, requiring a degree will actually speed up your hiring. Sales roles that require a degree are the speediest, filling 14% faster than the average sales role.

See the results for 6 different industries in the chart below.

Graph showing industries in which job posts with a degree requirement tend to hire faster(+) or slower(-) than average: sales +14%, marketing +1%, engineering -6%, finance -13%, human resources -23%, healthcare -30%

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