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Introducing Generate a Job Post with Textio AI

Today, we’re excited to introduce Generate a Job Post, the latest generative feature powered by Textio AI. 
It seems like the little sparkles icon ✨ is showing up everywhere in software, to tell you there’s generative AI under the hood. Clicking on these buttons can give you a range of results, from useful to nonsense. 
It might look like just another generate button on the surface, but Textio AI is in a class of its own. 
Textio has spent a decade developing and training AI models to power HR communications and has supported generative capabilities since the 2019 launch of Textio Flow. This latest iteration of Textio AI brings together dozens of proprietary and commercial models to generate optimized, inclusive, on-brand job posts in a few easy clicks. 
Because it’s purpose-built for recruiting, Textio goes beyond predicting what word comes next in a sentence. Textio predicts how well job posts will perform with candidates, how quickly roles will fill, and who will apply to them. It drives better hiring outcomes, consistency, and efficiency across the recruiting process.
HR communications shape the trajectory of people’s careers. Textio builds with bias and quality in mind, so it’s safe for a wide range of HR uses.
Hiring teams are using Textio AI to:
  • Generate a high-quality, on-brand first draft: The ability to generate quality job posts the first time can save recruiters hours on every req and streamlines collaboration between hiring managers and recruiters. Textio also takes into account your custom brand language and templates.
  • Rewrite a job post with Textio AI: If you’re starting with an old, out-of-date, or off-brand job post, Textio AI will quickly clean it up and bring it in line with your team’s templates and employer brand. It’s never been faster to refresh the job posts on your website.
  • Ensure that hiring language is inclusive and bias-free: Textio is trained to recognize human and AI bias, and the Textio Verified badge assures that generated results are safe to use. Textio is the most trusted name in AI for HR and has built a 10-year reputation for bias-free and safe AI.
  • Protect company and candidate data: Textio AI is built to satisfy enterprise infosec requirements for handling and screening out sensitive data and PII. Textio is ISO 27001 certified and trusted by some of the most security-conscious customers in the industry including Johnson & Johnson, T-Mobile, Cisco, and more.
  • Learn with real-time coaching: As always, real-time guidance helps recruiters and hiring managers make last-mile edits to ensure that every job post meets your company’s baseline for appealing to a wide range of qualified candidates. It’s a scalable alternative to training that drives real change in choices and outcomes.
The technology behind Generate a Job Post also powers the generative features in Textio Lift, Textio’s performance feedback product. It brings together Azure OpenAI generative AI with Textio’s own proprietary models and lightning-fast UX. Now with Generate a Job Post, these next-generation generative features are available across the full employee lifecycle “from hire to retire.”
Get started generating job posts that dreams are made of with Textio Loop, request a demo.
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