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Join us for a design thinking meetup

Textio is excited to announce that we’re hosting Vanessa Shaw, founder of Human Side of Tech, for an interactive evening event, Story Night, at our headquarters in Seattle this October. Vanessa is an experienced community organizer and learning designer on a mission to help create workplaces that people love.

Story Night focuses on applying design thinking principles to the Human Resources field through a series of participatory group exercises. Vanessa’s work focuses on fostering creative confidence through storytelling, community building, and thoughtful learning experiences. You’ll learn how to apply five key steps of design thinking to specific challenges in your organization. To close the evening, Vanessa will give the floor to a panel of local industry leaders to discuss how they’ve used human-centered design principles to improve their organizations.

For talent leaders, design thinking positions you in a new role — from a programs and process developer to a culture and experience architect.

Meetup details: Wednesday, October 10, 5:30–8:30pm at Textio in Seattle
Registration page:

Please join us!

Textio is committed to equal access at this event for everyone who wants to attend. If cost is a barrier for you, please email for a complimentary ticketing code.

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