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A CEO exchange on kindness and bravery: leadership in times of change

Leadership is difficult. Leadership in upheaval is something else entirely. With a global crisis impacting every human and business on the planet, it could not be more challenging to show up for your team in a solid and supportive way right now. If you’re looking for insights into how other leaders are navigating this, we have something you might find helpful.

Textio Co-Founder & CEO Kieran Snyder recently joined Rachel Carlson, CEO & Co-Founder of Guild Education in a conversation with Ambrosia Vertesi, Operating Partner at Operator Collective for an exchange on leading with empathy and kindness. The three packed a lot into the hour, including:

  • Making decisions with incomplete data (trust your gut!)
  • Letting your company values guide you, and putting those values into action
  • Adjusting your product roadmap to meet the moment
  • Supporting employees through change and personal struggle
  • Deciding how often and in what form to communicate important messages
  • Measuring empathy and kindness in interactions

It was a live discussion and the questions rolled in. If you’d like to take a listen, the recording is free to access here. Enjoy!

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