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What to do when your employees are using AI in performance reviews
Guidelines to give employees when they’re using AI in performance reviews...
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Dos and don’ts of writing performance reviews with generative AI
Find out how to use generative AI to write performance reviews and employee...
step-by-step guide for managers to write more effective performance feedback
The first-time manager’s guide to writing performance reviews
Elevate your managerial skills by mastering fair and actionable performance...
Blue and green image how to write effective performance reviews as first time manager
How to write a performance review as a first-time manager
The nine steps to preparing to write a good performance review, plus the...
How to write job descriptions in 2024: Best practices from a billion job posts
Job description best practices based on hiring data
How certain performance review phrases affect employee engagement
Learn the specific phrases for performance reviews that cause lower...
Want to hire more women?
Finding and retaining women in tech is a struggle. Let’s look at why.
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How to craft a sincere equal opportunity employer statement
Data and tips for writing a meaningful and effective equal opportunity...
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12 practical diversity and inclusion activities you can start today
Many DEI activities for the workplace require a lot of time and effort....
Measuring DEI success: 5 places to look for progress
Measuring DEI success: 5 places to look for progress
When measuring DEI success, representation isn’t the only thing that...
Textio for performance management product. Feedback in the Textio editor, and tooltip of Textio feedback suggestions on the right.
Announcing Textio for performance management
We proudly announce Textio Lift: an all-new Textio performance management...
How today’s candidates are screening your culture
Job seekers are doing deep culture checks, and looking for inclusion
Graphic of Deloitte logo on left with speech bubble on right that reads "Textio named among Fastest-growing tech companies"
Textio named among fastest-growing tech companies by Deloitte
Deloitte places Textio on their Technology Fast 500 list
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What to know about the 2022 talent landscape
Candidates are leading with values and looking for empathetic employers
Textio makes the Best Companies to Work For list!
Seattle Business Magazine names Textio to list for third time
Showing candidates you value inclusion, in all the places they’re looking
Textio guidance is now available in LinkedIn posts and comments
Customer spotlight: how to use Textio to make job postings more inclusive
The Tucows team shares their year of leadership in inclusive hiring
Calling out microaggressions: one leader’s experience sharing her “Blaxhaustion™”
An instructive example of the total cost of experiencing microaggressions...
How to build an authentic employer brand
Standing out from the crowd with the strength of your values
A CEO exchange on kindness and bravery: leadership in times of change
How two top leaders are supporting their teams
Employee engagement ideas for the era of empathy
Keeping up morale and motivation in our new, more human world
Empathetic recruiting: how to be considerate (but still compelling)
Reaching out with compassion—and getting a response
Growth-mindset language is (still) better for employer brand
Four years on, the data still supports using growth-mindset language
Internal communications planning: Best practices in critical times
Finding the right words is a matter of coming back to basics
Boost employee engagement in tough times: Lean on company values
How reflecting your values in employee communications builds engagement
Building a culture of innovation: How to change company culture
Welcome new ideas and those who have them to build a culture of innovation...
5 Slack best practices for inclusive companies
Foster a culture of belonging through your internal communications
Employee engagement in a WFH world: what to know
How to support a newly remote workforce, based on language data
4 overlooked types of bias in business writing
How implicit bias shows up in (and upends) everyday work writing
Hiring fast, amid a fast-growing health crisis
A few tips to attract the right candidates and fill critical roles quickly...
How to describe your company culture
Find your true company values—and the right words to express them
How to create an employee value proposition
A step-by-step guide to writing an attractive and authentic EVP
Textio CEO honored with Executive Excellence Award
Kieran Snyder recognized for exceptional leadership by Seattle Business...
Building company culture as you grow: a video series
An insightful exchange on culture and brand between The Muse CEO Kathryn...