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One of the biggest things that many companies get wrong is a simple one to fix: they leave out an equal opportunity and inclusion statement. Textio’s data shows that people looking for jobs care about this a lot: candidates from all demographic groups are significantly less likely to apply to jobs that are missing this statement.

You read that right: if you’re missing the statement, people from all demographic groups are more likely to walk away, not just people who are underrepresented.

Don’t think you can get away with something perfunctory, either. People aren’t impressed when you slap “We are an equal opportunity employer” or “EOE” at the end of your job ad. They want something more authentic and sincerely crafted.

In fact, jobs with strong equal opportunity statements fill an average of 10% more quickly than jobs without them. How come? It’s because these jobs are more effective at getting qualified people to apply in the first place — and when you get more qualified people to apply, you fill your open roles faster.

If you’re missing an equal opportunity statement today, Textio makes it easy for you to add one into your job ad with a single click. But frankly, you shouldn’t stop here. If you want to hire inclusively, you should sit down and write a thoughtful statement that outlines why. Not only will you attract a broader set of people to apply, you will fill your roles more quickly.

That’s why we’re launching Textio Enterprise support for your own company’s brand and compliance language, including your own equal opportunity statement.

Across the board, you define language that’s important to your culture. Company principles, values, and goals. Your vision and mission statements. Language that says what you’re all about and why you’re a superb place to work.

You’re already using Textio to make your communication stronger and more effective. You understand your company, your culture, and why inclusion is important to you. Starting today, we’ll make it easier than ever for people at your company to use Textio in tandem with your own company voice. We’ll make it easy for people at your company to include your language directly in their communication — not just in your equal opportunity statement, but everywhere.

We also go one critical step further: Textio measures how effective your language is at telling your story to real people. You’re already putting in the work to define a strong employment brand and the language to back it up. Now Textio will show you how well your words will be received by the people you most want to hire — who is impressed and who may be walking away.

Thank you so much for your ongoing commitment to inclusion and diversity, Textios! We are proud to be your partners.

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