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Turning the page on Textio’s story
I’m filled with gratitude as I share today I’m stepping down as CEO of...
We analyzed 2 years of performance reviews for 13,000 workers.
Poor or insufficient feedback leads to employee attrition. Our finding...
Hiring insights reveal progress in DEI
New hiring insights reveal DEI progress continues with diversity language...
Dall•E 2 painting of Washington DC
Textio talks AI and bias in Washington
Our CEO and Co-Founder Kieran Snyder presented to the Congressional Caucus...
AI generated image of three robots
Mindful AI: Every data set has an agenda
The data sets underlying AI tools have either overt or covert agendas....
Mindful AI: Crafting prompts to mitigate the bias in generative AI
Learn how prompts can make bias in generative AI better or worse, and how...
Mindful AI: Understanding training data and bias
Learn how bias gets baked into training data, and how to use generative AI...
Graph showing frequency of ChatGPT bias in HR documents
ChatGPT for HR: 4 questions to ask before you buy a new AI tool
Ask yourself these 4 questions before using ChatGPT or any other AI...
Graph of how ChatGPT shows gendered stereotypes in workplace valentines
ChatGPT writes valentines
I wrote workplace valentines with ChatGPT, and here’s what I learned about...
ChatGPT bias chart
ChatGPT rewrites feedback
I rewrote thousands of pieces of feedback with ChatGPT, and here’s what I...
Racial bias in ChatGPT recruiting emails
ChatGPT writes recruiting mail
I wrote thousands of pieces of recruiting mail with ChatGPT, and here’s...
Image of a chat bubble on LinkedIn that says "I came across your profile on LinkedIn"
“I came across your profile on LinkedIn”
Learn how to find candidates on LinkedIn by avoiding bad messaging and...
Gender bias in performance feedback written by ChatGPT shown by graphs
ChatGPT writes performance feedback
I wrote thousands of pieces of performance feedback with ChatGPT, and...
Social bias across 167 job posts written in ChatGPT
ChatGPT writes job posts
I wrote thousands of job posts with ChatGPT, and here’s what I learned...
A graphic scale that says boring on one end and biased on the other
I wrote thousands of documents with ChatGPT, and here’s what I learned about bias
We used ChatGPT to write thousands of job posts, email messages, employee...
Question mark, what you should know about your startup stock options
What you should know about your startup stock options
You just got your dream job at a startup and they offer you stock options....
Would you know ageism if you saw it?
A reflection on bias, neutrality, and inclusion in language
Textio logo on a sketchpad with a magnifying glass and pen visible
Building an anti-racist organization
A transparent update on our progress and plans
Slack is no place to write the Great American Novel
And it’s terrible for that project update you just wrote, too
Zoom sessions consistently draining? Take an energy audit of your meetings
It’s impossible to eradicate meetings, but you can evaluate the value of...
2017 comment bubble with red elephant background facing 2019 comment bubble with blue donkey background
What a president sounds like: Dominance vs. democracy
Comparing the inauguration speeches of Biden and Trump
We need a new normal because the one we have is racist.
It is time to say it out loud, yell it out loud.
The 2016 election reshaped the language of business
And 2020 is poised to do the same
Dancer writing words in the are with her hands
Augmented writing is a learning loop for words
It learns from how you write, and from how others write, so the language it...
Textio turns four
2018 has been a momentous year for augmented writing
Team Textio at the Textio HR Tech booth
What happens at HR Tech does not stay at HR Tech, 2018
Highlights coming out of the annual Las Vegas extravaganza
It's not just the words you choose, but how you use them
What the length of your recruiting email says to job candidates about your...
Hiring well, when so few are looking
Four proven strategies to help you hire the best people during the worst...
Intuition vs. data: why your beliefs often fail you
The power of the data behind augmented writing
Screenshot of the Textio Hire product
Announcing Textio Hire
Boost engagement with both active and passive job candidates using...
Textio turns three
A look back and to the future
Three surprising trends that talent leaders are embracing
There’s some new thinking among HR execs on how to approach IT resources,...
Three thought bubbles with three symbols, bar chart, gears, light bulb
Three questions you should ask before investing in “AI” for HR
The artificial intelligence label is everywhere in HR tech for 2017. Will...
Person climbing metal stairs in a pair of purple shoes with the textio logo on the side
You built a roadmap to augmented writing, and it’s working
Textio accelerates with $20M Series B round led by Scale Venture Partners...
Positive spelled out in scrabble letters
If it ain’t broke, you’re probably going to fix it anyway
Given the opportunity, writers choose to improve what’s good nearly twice...
Photo of a kid writing on the beach
Humans are still the best writers
In augmented writing, unique voices are the most important part of the...
Why good teams have forced alignment conversations
Why it's valuable to be explicit about work priorities and expectations
Screenshot of Google Hire login screen
Google Hire joins the applicant tracking system fray
An outsider’s insider perspective on what’s happening in the ATS landscape...
Measuring the immeasurable
Report from the front lines: Wharton People Analytics conference
Kierand Snyder CEO winning top prize on stage at HR Tech World
Textio takes top prize at HR Tech World!
Making a big splash across the pond at London's premiere tech talent...
Person jumping high off the ground. Large Header: Career changes are your secret weapon
Career changers are your secret weapon
Career changers are your secret weapon
Welcome Mallun!
Welcome Mallun! Mallun Yen joins Textio Board of Advisors.
How language changed in tech jobs in 2016, fastest movers: gender identity, systems engineering, security clearance, minimal supervision, written communication; biggest losers: linux, hardware, process improvement, subject matter expert, fast-paced environment
Tech job language in 2016
Gender identity is in, hardware is out
Raised hands with hearts on them
Citizenship at Textio
How we're rewarding personal work in the community
Textio 50
Introducing the Textio 50
Introducing the Textio 50. The world’s top companies by recruiting...
Two conversation bubbles on a place setting with light bulb icons in them
What’s next for Seattle talent?
Learnings from our Seattle talent leadership meetup
Original design of Textio drawn on a napkin
Textio turns two!
A look back at the last year in the life of a tech startup
Plumbing pipes with a valve that shows it partially open with the word inclusion written on the lever for the valve
Your pipeline problem is that you’re not doing anything to reach the pipeline.
It's time to seriously invest in a new approach to talent
Achievement emojis in the Textio platform
Who needs Pokémon when you can catch Textímon?
Launching gamification in the Textio writing experience
Woman and robot standing on an a-frame ladder looking at a book together
Language in your job post predicts the gender of your hire
Jobs where a man was hired use nearly twice as many masculine-tone phrases...
Green heart in quotes
Textio now lets you customize your EOE statement
Employee search bar with two buttons Search and I
How We Hire
What it's like to interview (and work) at Textio
Word cloud
Language changes faster than you think
Looking back at the biggest winners and losers in the tech job lexicon
A table showing frequencies of phrases in job posts by location
Everything is Awesome
How location impacts the way your job posts are received by candidates
Equal opportunity statements in job listings 34% in USA and 22% in Indiana
Equal opportunity
Textio can now detect the presence of an EOE statement