Can you put a value on personality? If you're hiring for the financial sector, the data says yes.
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Now Hiring: Bankers with a Sunny Disposition

In our Twitter poll last week, we asked which phrases work best for hiring in the financial industry. The Twitterverse chose “entrepreneurial” as the one best suited for financial jobs.

Twitter poll asking "Finance has a reputation for being by-the-book, but our data says otherwise. Which phrase do you think works best in finance jobs?" The winner: "entrepreneurial" with 50%

That’s not too surprising… “entrepreneurial” is one way to describe the banking schemes in recent box office hits like Wolf of Wall Street and The Big Short.

However, the actual data on how these words perform is different than you might expect. With the finance industry’s reputation for business-minded thinkers, it may surprise you that “entrepreneurial” actually performs the worst of all the other options.

The winner? Personality! In fact, personality was the only word in the poll that predicted job listings were 16% more likely to fill quickly than the industry average.

Graph showing phrases found in financial industry job posts which tend to hire faster or slower than average: "personality" +16%, "innovation" -15%, "destiny" -35%, "entrepreneurial" -52%

This is a great example of how unconscious biases can impact our decisions and why it’s important to use data to uncover them. You might “feel” like a certain word or phrase is right for the type of job post you’re writing, but without the data to predict how your language performs you’re shooting in the dark.

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