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Job Posting Hall of Fame

Over the last few months people have sent us a lot of job listings. Sometimes the person who sends the listing has written it themselves, and other times it’s something that the sender found on the internet. Listings have been emailed to us, tweeted at us, shared with us on Facebook, and mentioned to us at parties. Depending on the listing, they are creative, inspiring, hilarious, surprising, and terrible.

All of them come with the question: What would Textio say about this?

We’ve gotten enough job listings without asking for them that we started wondering: What would happen if we invited people to send their favorites?

And so for the next two weeks, we want to hear from you. We want to find the most remarkable jobs on the internet. If it’s so good it’s made you consider moving across the country to apply, we want to see it. If it’s the first-ever job posting from someone who went on to fame, fortune, or ignominy, send it along. If it’s so ridiculous you’d share it with your Facebook friends, share it with us too.

To make things more interesting, we’re awarding prizes in four different categories:

This Job Is So Cool I’d Consider Doing It for Free

Maybe you’re qualified, maybe you’re not, but you almost can’t believe this is a real job that someone will get paid to do. This is the best job on the internet, hands down.

Einstein, Curie, and Gandhi Combined Couldn’t Get Hired for This Job

This job requires dozens of individual and highly specific qualifications; if you can’t run, bike, sing, and swim at the same time you might as well not even apply. Wonder Woman, Superman, and the entire Justice League couldn’t do this job.

I’m Nominating This Job Ad for a Pulitzer

This job listing is a work of art. You feel like you know the person writing it and it tells you a clear story. You know this is a great job listing because you actually read every single word of it.

I Can’t Believe This is a Real Job Ad in 2015

Shortly after you submit this posting for the Textio Hall of Fame, it will go viral as an internet meme. It is a caricature of a job ad! Except that it is actually a real job ad that some company published on purpose.

Submitting a listing is easy. Just tweet a link to the job post you’re nominating with the hashtag:


If your submission makes it into the Hall of Fame, we’ll put your name in lights and shower you with Textio swag. And one lucky winner will receive a free 12-month subscription to Textio in addition to fame and internet immortality.

Let the games begin!

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