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Textio launches Opportunities

Opportunity tooltip for the phrase focused on to try passionate about

When we started Textio, it was with a big, audacious vision: we wanted to collect enough data to be able to use machine learning and natural language processing to change the way you write.

Our CTO Jensen Harris wrote a comprehensive walkthrough of our audacious vision, the core learning tech that enables it, and the historical context in which it has grown up. It’s over on Medium. Go check it out!

At the same time, we were becoming increasingly aware of the challenge faced by recruiters and hiring managers every day. Especially in a climate where there are more great jobs than there are talented people to fill them, the bar on all your candidate communication — whether it’s a job listing or an email or the text on your career site — is higher than it has ever been.

We got to work collecting job listings and their outcomes. Our notion was that if we collected the right outcomes data, Textio could not only forecast which job posts would perform well with qualified and diverse candidates, but Textio could also tell you why — and then amplify your voice to draw the people you want to hire.

Today, with over 15 million job listings in our data set and growing every week, Textio is unveiling our biggest platform upgrade since we launched. We hope you’ll love what all this intelligence can do for you.


The centerpiece of our platform update is what we call Opportunities.

Opportunities are places where Textio spots the hidden meaning behind your words and suggests alternative ways to communicate that are proven to attract stronger candidates to your job.

Textio already detects the language that will attract more qualified people to your listing and the language that will drive them away — those familiar green and red highlights. With the introduction of Opportunities, we’ve gone far beyond pointing out strengths and weaknesses.

Textio can now read between the lines and reveal hidden potential within your writing, even if there’s nothing wrong with it to start with. Hover on a green outline, and Textio suggests alternative wording that has similar meaning but will improve the competitive performance of your document. Try it out, watch your score climb.

Job listing sentence in Textio, with highlights around key phrases, including a green opportunity

Clickable suggestions

You’ve probably tried this before: you hover on a highlight and then try to click directly on a suggested replacement phrase. Well, let that instinct run free, because now Textio can automatically replace a highlighted phrase with the suggestion you choose. Improving the performance of your writing is now truly just a click away.

Textio learns from every one of these clicks, giving you better and better suggestions over time.

Competitive insights for enterprise

Our growing data set gives Textio a crystal-clear window into which of your competitors are outperforming you when it comes to candidate communication and hiring. These insights give our enterprise users real superpowers in competing for top talent.

Textio works best when you use it in teams. The more coworkers you have using Textio, the richer Textio’s analysis of your patterns — and the easier it is to pinpoint the specific places where you’re lagging behind your competition.

Design updates

We’ve also refined the design of Textio’s color palette and user interface. We’re always trying to develop innovative and useable ways for you to more easily tap into the power of Textio’s immense knowledge base.

Please let me know if you have any ideas for how to make us better. I read every piece of customer feedback that you send, and our product team discusses it all.

We’re just getting started.

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