Kierand Snyder CEO winning top prize on stage at HR Tech World
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Textio takes top prize at HR Tech World!

Greetings from London, where I’m lucky enough to be attending HR Tech World this week. Textio was invited to compete at the conference for one of HR tech’s most prestigious awards, #disruptHR.

The winner of #disruptHR is recognized as the most groundbreaking startup in the HR tech industry globally every year. Every year, hundreds of companies apply and five are selected as finalists to compete in front of the HR Tech World audience. The other companies this year are Flow, Workmetry, Peachy Mondays, and Staffbase, which are all doing impressive work in employee engagement from people analytics to internal communications.

Energy in the crowd was palpable as I took the stage. The judging table was full of thought leaders in talent, analysts, and former winners of the contest, so I knew I had my work cut out for me. Luckily, I could almost see the audience’s mouths drop to the floor as I demoed Textio’s powerful augmented writing platform.

Some of my favorite tweets from audience members:

Drumroll please…Textio won #disruptHR!

Picture of Textio co-founder Kieran Snyder accepting award

Not only that — we received the highest score from the judges that has ever been given in conference history!

We weren’t the only ones talking about Textio today. Catalina Schveninger from Vodafone presented their approach to combatting hiring bias, where she shared some of their Textio results. Just three months into using Textio, Vodafone is filling roles 17% faster and hiring 7% more women. What’s more, job posts that include just four feminine-tone phrases are 12 times more likely to be filled by a woman at the end of the hiring process!

Picture of attendees at conference

Thanks to everyone at HR Tech World today for seeing how much the language in your job post matters — not just in theory, but in the direct impact it has on who applies for your job and the hiring results you get. After all, isn’t language the most critical part of the conversation?

Picture of Textio employee Jonathan with costumed characters

My teammate Jonathan having fun at HR Tech World
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