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Textio turns four

Four years ago, Textio was born from a picture on a napkin. We had an idea of what writing should be — that writing on a computer can be so much more than the basic formatting and collaboration features that we have all become accustomed to over the last several decades.

Textio was born to make your words themselves actually work. Textio was born to surface the words that work for your audience faster than you can even think of them yourself. Textio was born to take the words on the tip of your tongue and form them into something outstanding and resonant and compelling enough to get the response you’re hoping for.

A map showing the 7 continents where someone has written with Textio

Four years later, we are proud of where we are. The last 12 months have been momentous for us at Textio. We launched Textio Hire, extending Textio’s core writing platform beyond job posts and into LinkedIn and Gmail for your direct candidate communication. Thousands of companies have used Textio to identify the cultural patterns that are hiding in plain sight inside their public language. Textio was named the Best Midsize Company to Work For in the entire state of Washington.

An animation showing 17,981,983 the number of times someone has hovered over a Textio phrase

Above all, though, we are grateful for the customers who have joined us on this journey. Every single company that cares about getting their language right, that has succeeded in drawing more qualified people from all backgrounds into their candidate pipelines, that has embraced data and experimentation in all aspects of communication at work— you are our tribe, and we could not be doing this without you.

We’re just getting started.

Some Textio team members having a discussion

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