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Textio turns two!

In the fall of 2014, Jensen Harris and I had an idea about predictive text. By finding patterns in documents that had performed well, we could make it possible for you to know how your doc would perform before you ever published it. Two years ago, Textio was born.

One year ago, we wrote our first birthday post. We were seven full-time people and our first intern. We had recently launched Textio Talent, which promised to change the way you write your job listings to get more qualified and diverse people to apply.

So much has happened in the last year. Textio now has tens of millions of job posts with outcomes attached, and our predictive engine is more powerful than ever. Companies using Textio fill roles 17% faster than their competitors, with 12% more candidates from underrepresented groups. We’ve also proven one of our most important early hypotheses: The use of gendered language in your job post statistically changes who you hire.

Infographic about usage of Textio: 5 offices where we've worked, 1,117,700 document drafts in the platform, 6,084 companies using the platform, 5 PhDs on the team, 14 kids of team members, 21 people on the team, 519 cities, 56 countries, 11 team dogs, 1 professional paintball player, 25 lbs of brisket eaten together, 6 transportation modes to HQ, 41,000,000+ job posts with hiring outcomes analyzed, and growing daily, Happy 2nd birthday

Even as our platform has grown in predictive strength, we’ve worked hard over the last year to add great user-facing features that expose all that power. With Opportunities, the Textio brain analyzes not only the things you’ve written, but all the similar things you could have written to show you the mathematically best language for hiring. Badges show you how many writing achievements you and your teammates are racking up along the way.

We’ve also added additional employment brand support for Textio Enterprise users. We created a beta that offers Textio support for all your recruiting mail. Just this past week, we launched the most substantial code we’ve shipped in the lifetime of the company, rolling out a brand-new user experience that we are really excited about.

We are honored that so many of you are using what we’ve built and finding success. From Twitter to Atlassian to Square and many more, we are so grateful to those of you who have shared your Textio stories with others. We’ve even been featured on NewsHour and CNN!

As our platform has grown, so has our company. This is our team. I am so proud to work with this amazing group of people. They love learning new things. They have a point of view, but are low ego. Even on the most challenging days, I have never loved a job as much as I love this one. I am grateful for every single day I get to build this.

Thank you so much for joining us on this journey. We’re just getting started!

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