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Tips for a middle manager: How to manage in the middle and own the message

Something above is happening that you disagree with, but you have to own the message with your team.

Navigating the complexities of managing in the middle often means conveying decisions you personally disagree with. This is where the art of 'disagree and commit' comes into play.

The principle of "disagree and commit" means to have a balance between valuing diverse perspectives and getting on with what the business needs.

It is not just about voicing your concerns during the decision-making process but about fully embracing the final decision for the sake of team unity and progress. By 'owning the message' and taking responsibility for explaining the decision to your team in a supportive manner, you are focusing on moving forward together.

This approach involves understanding what is necessary for the business, acknowledging your team's concerns, and highlighting any positive aspects or opportunities the decision brings.

By demonstrating commitment to the decision, you set a constructive tone for your team, showing that even amidst disagreement, the path forward is through collective effort and a positive outlook.

Embracing this principle will show your commitment to the business, your leadership team, and your ability to be adaptable if the business goals are being met.

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