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Top Ten Companies Getting Gender Bias Right: Northeast Corridor

A couple of months ago we took a look at job listings from west coast tech companies with a question: Many organizations claim to be focusing on hiring more women, but who’s actually backing that up?

We put Textio to work and analyzed public job listings from thousands of companies up and down the west coast. While there is still a lot of work to do, we found several that are doing a great job making inclusive content with limited gender bias.

Because we believe in highlighting positive role models, we published the ten best. Since then, we’ve heard of more than a few Textio users looking at those companies’ listings more closely for guidance. Which we think is awesome.

When we published that research, we promised to take it out of Silicon Valley and replicate it for Silicon Alley. This week, we’re keeping that promise.

Just as in the first study, we were thoughtful about our sample set. We only looked at companies with ten or more open positions listed, with at least five for core technology roles. We wanted enough data to be significant, so if you just have a few jobs posted, we didn’t include you.

As in the west coast study, we restricted geography because we wanted to compare companies that compete in the same talent market. This time we looked at the northeast corridor, including Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and their surrounding suburban areas. If the Acela train goes there, we went too.

In the west coast study, we found little difference across cities: Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, and LA all had tech jobs that were predominantly male-biased. However, we did find a strong effect of company size: the largest and the smallest companies were the most male-biased, with midmarket tech companies more likely to be gender-neutral.

On the whole, east coast tech companies show slightly less gender bias than their west coast counterparts. The jobs are still predominantly male-biased, but they are closer to the middle of the spectrum. Like the west coast companies, east coast companies show an effect of company size on bias: midmarket organizations generally have jobs that are closer to gender-neutral.

On the other hand, there were simply fewer companies to choose from for the east coast study. We found close to 100 times more companies that met our eligibility criteria on the west coast. Which means that even if east coast companies feature job listings that are statistically more gender-neutral, there are fewer opportunities for women in tech (or men in tech) to get hired overall.

Without further ado, here is our top ten list of east coast tech companies with the most gender-neutral job listings. Bravo!

Textio Top Ten: Tech Companies with the Most Gender-Neutral Job Listings

New York City, NY

New York City, NY
Waltham, MA

New York City, NY

New York City, NY

New York City, NY

New York City, NY

Paperless Post
New York City, NY

Boston, MA

New York City, NY

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