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Watch now: How to write a stellar job post

Yes, words matter. As Textio Customer Success Engineer Allie Hall points out in this video workshop, most people spend about 6 seconds reading a job description. That’s not much time to convince someone to make a major career decision. When you look at hiring data the way we do at Textio, you’ll see that literally every word counts.

In this workshop video, Allie walks us through the data anatomy of a typical job listing, using statistical insights from Textio’s set of 100 million+ job posts and their real-world hiring outcomes:

  • How much of my job post should be in bullet lists?
  • What is the optimal length for a job description?
  • What types of phrases turn people off?
  • Do people really care about equal opportunity statements?

Find out how the data answers these questions and more, and learn how to craft highly effective and efficient job postings that will attract a more qualified, more diverse talent pool faster.

Allie is part linguist, part data scientist, and part educator. She holds a degree in Linguistics from the State University of New York at Binghamton, and previously worked on the technology team at Edelman Public Relations.

This workshop grew out of a popular seminar that Allie has been presenting to Textio customers, but there are so many valuable learnings in it that we decided we should make it available to everyone. A big thanks goes out to General Assembly in Seattle for hosting this event!

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