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Welcome Mallun!

I was lucky enough to meet Mallun last spring. As with so many strong women I meet in the tech industry, it was another strong woman who introduced us. Aileen Lee suggested that I chat with Mallun for an opinion about a tough issue I was working on. I am so glad that she did.

The first time I talked to Mallun, the 30 minutes we had scheduled quickly became 60 (and would have gone longer had my family not been waiting for me at home). She had great perspective on the issue I was working on, but the conversation quickly became much more far-reaching. We talked about Textio’s vision and product. We talked about her background as a GC and then at RPX. We even compared notes on our kids.

Picture of Mallun Yen, Manal Elattir, Anna Santeramo, Kieran Snyder, and Carrie Hammer

L to R: Mallun Yen, Executive Vice President of RPX; Manal Elattir, Founder, Anarouz Social Enterprise; Anna Santeramo, co-founder and CEO, Stylebee; Kieran Snyder, co-founder and CEO, Textio; Carrie Hammer, CEO, Carrie Hammer

In getting to know Mallun over the last year, I have been consistently impressed by the breadth of her perspective and the generosity of her partnership. Last fall I was able to speak at the ChIPs conference that she co-organizes for women in law, tech, and policy. The vibe at the event was exactly what I’ve come to associate with Mallun: collaborative and high-energy.

I’m so pleased to share that Mallun has agreed to join Textio’s Board of Advisors. She offers excellent feedback on a broad array of issues, ranging from customer conversations to day-to-day operations. More than anything else, she is invested in our vision and actively looks for ways to help.

Welcome aboard, Mallun!

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