What jobs are hottest right now? The top 20 types of job postings being written in Textio this month
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What jobs are hottest right now?

Among the many job posts being written in Textio every month around the globe, some job types are clearly hotter than others. We took a snapshot of the current data to see the top 20 ranking job types from the last 30 days of Textio usage, and here is what it looks like.

Engineering and IT jobs come out on top with more than 20% each, followed by Sales and Marketing positions (about 12% each) and then Finance at 6%. HR, Admin, Design, and Customer Service jobs each came in at around 3% of the total.

Graph of hottest jobs right now

Below is the full list of Textio’s current top 20 job types, with the percentages in detail.

Table of top 20 job types

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