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Who needs Pokémon when you can catch Textímon?

If you’ve noticed cute little critters popping up in your Textio experience this week, you’re not seeing things. Textio has started awarding achievement badges, showing you how all your hard work is paying off.

Orange tigers, red roosters, even purple squirrels — each badge shows what you’ve achieved so far and how you stack up. Earn badges for writing great job posts and for sharing them with your team. Find out if you’re on the right track immediately while you’re working on your job listing.

Textio achievement saying "Major Improvement: You've improved the Textio Score this document by 60 points"

Been using Textio for a while now? Just click on your user tile in the upper right. Right underneath your Textio level and total experience points, you’ll find a personal summary of all the achievement badges you’ve racked up and see where you’re strongest.

The Textio product, with a dropdown open showing the user's achievements

Want to know how the rest of your team is doing? Go check out all your personal and team achievements right in your Analytics tab and find out where you stand.

The Team Achievements page, showing all your team members' achievements

Get your colleagues to share their high-scoring job posts so you can pick up where they left off the next time you need to list a job — and share your own strong posts so your whole team can improve.

The gap in hiring performance between companies in the Textio network and companies outside the network is only widening month over month — companies in the network fill roles 17% faster and growing. It’s hard to compete for talent without data, especially when your competitors are using the intelligence of the broader hiring community to win talent faster than you can.

Your Textio score already shows you exactly how your job post will fare in today’s market if you publish it right now. These new little critters make it easier to know just how you and your team stack up in the Textio network — so you can win diverse and qualified talent faster.

How many purple squirrels can you get?

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