How many job postings include turkey, gravy or pumpkin pie?
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Yes, even turkey dinner shows up in hiring.

Welcome to Thanksgiving week! Just to cook up some holiday fun, we took a look at Textio data to see how often the names of traditional Thanksgiving Day dishes get posted in job listings. The answer—as you might suspect—is not very many. We had to search through about 50 million job listings and go back as far as 2014 to find enough cornbread, but in the end there are no real surprises here: stuffing is far and away the most popular.

*Sorry, we did not include leftovers.

Number of job listings that contain these food names (out of ~50 million searched) stuffing: 142, turkey: 48, gravy: 42, green bean: 8, mashed potatoes: 6, cranberry sauce: 4, pumpkin pie: 2, cornbread: 1

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