The truth about bias in performance feedback

The patterns of discrimination are now clear

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Total amount of biased feedback received by group

Textio has found strong patterns of inequity in job performance feedback. Employees who receive high-quality performance feedback grow faster, earn more, and get promoted faster than those who don’t. And the groups of people who systemically receive the lowest-quality feedback are the same groups that are consistently underrepresented in corporate leadership.

Share of respondents described as "passionate" in performance feedback by group


Women are 11 times more likely than men to report being described as “abrasive” in the performance feedback they receive


Black women are 4 times more likely than white men to see the term “overachiever” in their job performance feedback


Job feedback for Asian men is 7 times more likely to have the words “brilliant” or “genius” in it than feedback for Latinx women

Textio invented bias interruption at work

Since 2014, Textio has been building software that reveals the hidden bias in workplace communication and helps you fix it before it’s too late.

Thousands of recruiters and talent professionals around the world use Textio’s writing software to eliminate biased language from performance reviews, job posts, sourcing mail, and employer brand marketing. Our category-defining augmented writing products offer real-time language guidance to help our users consistently communicate inclusively and effectively. Sound interesting? We’re hiring!

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