Textio Case Study

Managers use Textio AI to give better feedback and cut review writing time in half

67 %

Increase in feedback quality

12 %

Increase in feedback quantity

50 %

decrease in time spent writing reviews



Velera, the nation’s premier payments credit union service organization (CUSO) and integrated financial technology solutions provider, brings over four decades of industry experience and a commitment to service excellence and innovation, serving more than 4,000 financial institutions throughout North America.




5,300 employees

You can’t recruit your way to leadership diversity


For 40 years, thousands of credit unions throughout North America have chosen Velera to deliver great technology experiences to their banking customers. To continue leveling up their ability to serve these credit unions, Velera’s team is persistently working to ensure their employees represent the diversity of their customers.   
So, when Laura Sehres, VP of DEI and Employee Experience, realized they needed to further diversify their leadership bench, it became clear they couldn’t rely on recruiting their way to DEI success.   
They needed to look across the inflow, outflow, progression, and succession of their talent ecosystem, along with identifying inequities that might be holding people back from rising through the organization.   
At the core of that work? Coaching and feedback.

“When you have inequities at the core, you’re essentially perpetuating inequity and bias at scale. The opposite of that is a tool like Textio Lift, which helps you course correct these inequities.”

Laura Sehres

VP of DEI and Employee Experience

Thousands of managers need coaching support

Laura and her team discovered their managers needed more support. It was essential to get managers relevant, real-time coaching on things like writing performance reviews, giving feedback, and defining skills and competencies for people on their team.  
There were thousands of managers that all needed different kinds of coaching support – something Laura’s team, along with one-time manager trainings, just couldn’t keep up with.  

Let’s be clear about one thing: it’s hard to give feedback. Stressful, too. And most companies never say to their managers, “here’s how to write and deliver good quality feedback.” We just sort of assume managers will figure it out.  
But when managers don’t get this support, it’s really hard for them to help people perform. And that means it’s harder than it needs to be for your business to perform. 
And the longer this lack of support persists, the more likely it is that promotion and pay inequities will do damage to your organization's leadership representation. Because we know that women and people of color consistently receive the lowest quality feedback at work. And when that happens, your business suffers from underperformance, turnover, lack of representation, culture and morale issues.  
So, what does good quality feedback look like? 


“What makes feedback good – is it concise? Do I understand what you’re saying? Are you trying to be so nice that it’s flowery and I just didn’t get the gist of what you were saying to me? Did you give me specific examples?”

Laura Sehres

VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Textio Lift is AI for managers

When Laura and her team decided to adopt Textio Lift, they were feeling some skepticism from their managers.  
How could more software possibly help them write feedback without creating more work? 
But managers had never experienced something quite like this tool before.


Textio Lift was by their side whenever they were writing feedback and performance reviews. It helped them edit what they had written to improve clarity, include examples, and stay relevant to the person’s job.  
With Textio AI, managers cut writing time in half. With a few simple clicks to direct the topic of feedback along with adding specific examples, Textio Lift eliminated the dreaded blank page stage and generated starter feedback for them.  
With Textio Lift, managers improved the quality of their feedback by 67% and increased the quantity of feedback by 12%. Plus, several managers were excited to hear their employees thanking them for giving them the support they needed to grow their careers.
Today, employees at Velera are now getting more, better feedback to develop their skills and all have an equitable shot at rising through Velera and becoming leaders.   
That’s what you can expect with Textio on your team—feedback so good, your employees will thank you.  

Write better reviews in half the time with Textio Lift