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11 companies that get benefits right

A recent Textio analysis of 75 benefits and perks that ranged from 401Ks to rock climbing walls showed that just 20 of these benefits mattered when it came to speeding up the time to fill a roles.

Once we had this list of 20 benefits that matter, we wondered which companies had really zero’d in on these top benefits already and were apt to advertise them in their job posts. We found 11 companies that are hitting it out of the park when it comes to benefits.

A table showing 11 companies on top and a list of benefits down the left

The number one winner by far is Gold’s Gym which mentions nine of the 20 top benefits in its job posts — but in a huge surprise — doesn’t mention free gym! Almost all of the top 11 companies mention work life balance as a benefit of working there (only Hilton didn’t). Other popular benefits are FMLA and Maternity leave (both had eight companies offer them). Six of the top 11 companies mention that they are family friendly. Five of the top 11 companies offer free lunch and/or part time work. None of the companies offered the #1 benefit (caregiver leave), but UNICEF offered the #2 benefit adoption leave. Aetna and Microsoft both offered the #3 benefit — on site gym. And IBM and Massage Envy offered the #4 benefit Performance based bonuses.

(Corrected: an earlier version of the chart showed incorrect data for Microsoft, Massage Envy, and Experian.)

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