Textio Lift integrates with SAP SuccessFactors for writing performance feedback
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Announcing AI-powered performance reviews with Textio Lift for SAP SuccessFactors

We’re excited to announce the latest integration from Textio. Textio Lift now  integrates seamlessly with SAP SuccessFactors! 
This integration marks a significant step forward in empowering talent development teams and HRBPs to educate and support managers in improving the quality and completion rates of performance feedback across their organizations.
Managers have too much to deliver and not enough resources to deliver results. Now with Textio’s trusted AI, managers can generate actionable, personalized performance reviews in half the time. Textio Lift supports upward feedback, downward feedback, peer feedback, and 360 feedback right where it happens, in SAP SuccessFactors.
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Write reviews inside SAP SuccessFactors in half the time.

 Key Benefits of Textio Lift for SAP SuccessFactors
  1. Train managers in a scalable way: Real-time prompts scale and automate performance management training, so lessons get applied in the moment they’re needed.
  2. Give everyone feedback to grow: Use AI to generate personalized feedback, making it easier to start conversations about learning and growth, so more of those conversations happen.
  3. Improve feedback quality: Use software to ensure everyone at your organization gets clear and actionable feedback, and focus HR resources where they’ll make the biggest difference.

Textio Lift integration with SAP SuccessFactors

Write it with Textio AI feature in SAP SuccessFactors

What's Next?
This integration with SAP SuccessFactors marks Textio's third integration with the Textio Lift product, following integrations with Workday and Lattice. 
If you are an SAP SuccessFactors user interested in leveraging Textio Lift for enhanced performance management, reach out to your customer success manager or request a demo to learn more.
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