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Announcing Textio U, our new hub for continuous learning

At Textio, everything we create comes from two convictions:

  • Words matter for building understanding between people
  • Creating an inclusive workplace is a practice and not a destination

It is with this spirit that today we launch Textio U, our new learning platform and resource center for mindful communication!

With Textio U, everyone who uses Textio can share in our team’s journey of continuous learning in language and inclusion. The courses, trainings, and certifications on Textio U are included free with your Textio subscription and available to all users.

Immediately available on Textio U is Textio’s first full course, an "inclusive recruiting" certification, designed to benefit anyone who recruits or represents your company to prospective hires. This 60-minute course is packed with videos, research, and hands-on exercises that will teach you how to use thoughtful communication to recruit more inclusively. Led by inclusion leaders and language experts from Textio and beyond, the course explores concepts that Textio has found to have a real impact on candidate experience and a team’s sense of belonging.

There are so many reasons to earn your certification in Inclusive Recruiting this summer. Here are just a few:

  • Show your commitment to inclusion with a LinkedIn certification
  • Have more mindful conversations with candidates and colleagues
  • Become a resource and champion for inclusive writing and communication
  • Explore core language concepts that impact your hiring goals and culture
  • Discover thought leadership from industry experts and researchers

Textio users with early access shared their own perspectives on what the course means to them:

LinkedIn posts from early access Textio U students

More courses are coming soon to Textio U, from a series on how language perpetuates stereotypes to a short course on becoming a more confident writer. If you are already a Textio customer, we’ll see you there!

If you’re not yet a Textio customer, request a demo today to explore how partnering with Textio could help you build a more inclusive workplace.

We can’t wait to share your journey.

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