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Better hiring starts with smarter writing

The next time you are writing a job listing, imagine that you knew exactly how to convince the best candidates to apply for that job. You could attract more people with the right qualifications for the role. Your applicant pool would be far more diverse. You could fill the job faster, making a stronger hire, and probably even reducing your company’s turnover rate as a result.

Textio built the world’s first augmented writing platform on that simple premise: that using the right words, in the right context, can make a huge difference in how people react to you. When it comes to hiring, the results we’ve seen from our customers have proven that it’s true.

On average, companies who edit their job postings to a Textio Score of 90 or higher see these gains:

  • Stronger candidates: 25% more people apply who have the right qualifications to merit an interview
  • More diversity: 23% more women apply, and other underrepresented groups see similar increases
  • Faster hiring: It takes 17% less time on average to fill a role

Ok, so language clearly makes a quantitative difference when you’re hiring. But how do you figure out what the right words are for every type of job, in so many different places? That part is not so easy. Our data and software engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible to make Textio one-click simple for you.

How does Textio work?

As you type your job listing, Textio does two things in real time:

  1. Calculates your Textio Score, which tells you how well your post will perform in the real world compared to similar, competitive roles
  2. Provides you with clear editing guidance using color-coded highlights to help you improve your score, while keeping your unique voice intact
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Textio, the augmented writing platform

Textio is fueled by a massive data set of real-world hiring outcomes from hundreds of millions of job listings across industries and around the globe. Every month, this data set grows by 10 million new job listings, with the latest hiring results attached to each one. Textio’s predictive engine is constantly analyzing all of this content in the background, while the Textio editor interface lets you clearly focus on writing. Most people only need about 8 minutes to get their listing up to a 90 score. The highest you can get is 100. (That might take you a bit longer, but go for it!)

It’s easier to get high scores when you work together, so Textio subscriptions come with an unlimited number of accounts for your whole team or company. Textio includes collaboration features that let you share your document library with anyone involved in hiring.

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