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Burlington Coat Factory knows how to compete in hiring

I’ll admit it, I love discount shopping. Coming across a unique find for half price is thrilling. But every discount shopper will tell you that not all discount stores are created equal. Some have better clothing, some have better home goods, and some have more helpful employees.

I looked at the Textio Index to see how my favorite discount stores stack up on hiring. I was impressed to see that not only is Burlington Coat Factory in the lead, but they are almost 40 points ahead of their nearest competitor. By having high-performing job posts, Burlington saves time and money on hiring and can pass those savings on to consumers.

Bar chart comparing Textio scores of discount stores

While Burlington Coat Factory still has a way to go before they hit a 90+, they are at the front of the pack as far as crafting their job posts. I took a deeper look at their job listings and something immediately stood out: they follow the advice from “How to Write Your Best Job Post Ever, Part 3” very closely. Look at how they use “you statements” to illustrate why you would fit in at the company. There are also a lot of “green words” in the statement, which means the post is statistically more likely to draw more qualified and diverse job seekers.

A Burlington Coat Factory job post analyzed in Textio

In a section on “Rewards & Benefits,” the company stays away from corporate clichés and uses language that will resonate with job seekers. Burlington Coat Factory also includes an equal opportunity statement. Jobs with strong equal opportunity statements fill an average of 10% more quickly than jobs without them.

The Rewards & Benefits section of a Burlington Coat Factory job post analyzed in Textio

Keep these tips in mind as you are drafting your next job post.

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