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New Textio U certification: Equitable Performance Feedback

Giving feedback at work takes time, effort, and energy. Giving high-quality feedback that is bias-free, actionable, and helps the recipient grow is even harder. Between finding the right setting and crafting the right words, there’s a lot to keep in mind. Performance feedback can be such a taxing cognitive load that people avoid it altogether.

But we should embrace feedback. Without performance feedback, people don’t know what they’re doing well, where they should improve, or how to advance to the next step in their career.

Biased feedback is causing attrition

See how performance feedback is affecting retention in 2023

In our new Equitable Performance Feedback certification in Textio U, you’ll get performance management training on how to recognize bias in your feedback and stick to the principles that help you deliver fair and effective feedback that helps employees grow. You’ll become a better coach, manager, and coworker. Textio’s CEO and Co-Founder Kieran Snyder teaches the course and shares research and tips on giving relevant, unbiased, consistent performance feedback.

In less than an hour, you’ll learn:

  • How performance feedback impacts equity
  • What you need to know to deliver high-quality feedback
  • Tips for contributing to a culture of fair feedback

Textio’s recent Language Bias in Performance Feedback report showed how different groups are receiving vastly different kinds of feedback. There are clear trends in who is receiving the most feedback, and who is receiving relevant, actionable, and clear feedback (and who isn’t). The data also made clear that the quality of performance feedback has a major impact on equity, career advancement, and employee retention. It’s so important to get this right and engage in performance management training that helps leaders develop people effectively and equitably.

At the end of the course, pass a short 4-question exam and you’ll receive a LinkedIn certification to show your commitment to an equitable performance culture. The course is available today for free, for everyone! Join us over at Textio U!

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