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How to give a mid-year review
How to give a mid-year review
Halfway through the year, most of us are starting our mid-year performance...
Image of a "job description" and a "job post" on a magenta background that is half light magenta and half dark magenta. The job description is a longer document and the job post is a shorter document. The title of the image is in white letters at the top and centered "Job description vs. Job Post: Understanding the Key Differences."
Job description vs. job post: Understanding the key differences
When do you need a job description vs. job post? Learn the differences and...
Title: Creating inclusive hiring systems: A look at how Textio interviews. Textio logo at the top left. Banner on the right half with a blue to green gradient featuring the 3 webinar speakers: Josh Potter (Recruiter), Gordon Louie (DEIB Program Manager II), Alissa Ramberg (Senior Strategy Enablement Manager)
3 inclusive hiring practices to improve your candidate experience
A look at 3 of Textio's inclusive hiring practices: our language solution,...
Announcement image "Equitable Performance Feedback" on Magenta to Orange gradient and framed scales with certificate badge icon on a blue to green gradient
New Textio U certification: Equitable Performance Feedback
Learn how performance feedback impacts equity, and explore how to give...
Graphic on a blue background of a desk with a laptop on it, books on shelves around the desk, entitled 5 onboarding myths. 4 circular lamps hang from the ceiling.
5 onboarding myths that lead to disengagement
Companies are neglecting the most important period in an employee’s...
Graphic of "how to provide high-quality performance feedback" in a speech bubble on a blue green gradient background.
How to provide high-quality performance feedback
The best performance feedback is clear, actionable, and work-focused. Learn...
Graphic with a progress bar at the bottom with title "Why goal-setting is a must for equitable performance management"
Why goal-setting is a must for equitable performance management
Understand the importance of goal-setting in performance management. Goals...
Volunteer day at Textio
Leaving no one behind: a look at Textio's day of service
Every year Textios take a day off work to volunteer for causes they care...
Graphic on blue and magenta gradient background with illustration of 3 performance review templates and title: 8 equity-focused performance review templates
8 Equity-focused performance review templates
Adopt 8 templates that will help your team deliver higher-quality...
textio u first open-access course launching July 12th on Interrupting Bias in Hiring
Interrupt bias in your hiring process: New Textio U certification
Announcing Textio U’s first open-access course
Attract talent with growth mindset language
Attract talent with a growth mindset
Growth mindset language is more likely to attract talent inclusively
Graphic of world map and speech bubbles, how to give a remote work evaluation
How to give a remote work evaluation
Remote work evaluations can be tricky, but they're crucial for your team’s...
Graphic of How to build a strong employer brand
How to build a strong employer brand in 2022
A strong employer brand is no longer optional, but foundational to talent...
Graphic of the 5Cs framework for inclusive job descriptions
The 5Cs framework for inclusive job descriptions
5 things to keep in mind to write an inclusive job description
Staying connected: Our 2nd Annual Creative Fair
Staying connected: Our 2nd annual creative fair
Once a year Textios come together to share our creations outside of work
Graphic of attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent
5 policies that attract, engage, and retain top talent
In the “new normal” with increasingly fierce competition for talent,...
Inc. 2021 Best in Business list graphic recognizing Textio
Textio named to Inc. Best in Business list
Textio is recognized as one of the most inspiring software companies of...
Graphic of pennant in a square with certification badge icon in top right corner of square and text to the left of the square reading "Inclusive Employer Brand" and Textio U logo to the right of the square reading
Get certified in Inclusive Employer Brand: New in Textio U!
Announcing Textio U’s newest certification