Textio Lift helps managers write better feedback in Lattice, where they're already working.
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Fall in ❤️ with giving feedback

Feedback is hard
Reviews make you blue
But Textio and Lattice make it feel brand new!
We’re full of love this Valentine’s Day as we share Textio Lift, our performance feedback software, is now available for all mutual 
Textio and Lattice customers!
With Lattice and Textio, managers now have the tools to create and give actionable feedback that helps people and businesses grow.
Textio Lift for performance feedback in Lattice
“Textio Lift builds trust in the performance feedback process by helping managers create and give feedback their teams can actually use to grow,” said Jensen Harris, co-founder and CEO of Textio. “People teams love using Textio Lift because it scales the effectiveness of their performance management programs while giving them insights into how feedback is impacting their organization at every level.”
Performance feedback is so important to get right because it’s the foundation of growth and development at work.
When people understand their role, what’s expected of them, and where they need to continue developing their skills to advance, they’re motivated to grow and make a deeper impact on your business’ trajectory. But giving feedback is really hard and many managers avoid giving it out of fear, confusion, or lack of training and support in developing feedback that works. When feedback works, it’s clearly understood, it’s relevant to the person’s job, it’s given in a timely manner, and it includes examples of where skills can improve, along with what good looks like in the role.
“At Teachstone, we aim to improve interactions between teachers and students. We use Textio Lift to ensure everyone at Teachstone gets great feedback to develop the skills they need to support teachers,” said Hilary Sinegal, VP, People Operations for Teachstone. “With Textio Lift’s feedback writing support and AI features, Teachstone’s managers have revised 99% of their performance review feedback to make reviews more clear and actionable. And we keep hearing it’s made a huge impact in how people feel about the feedback they’re getting, which is helping us build trust in the performance feedback process."
Lattice's People platform helps strategic HR teams manage their people and their performance. People teams are able to build a culture of continuous feedback, growth, and accountability — improving performance across employees and managers alike. With Textio Lift, managers have the tools and support inside of Lattice, where they’re already working, to write actionable feedback that their teams can use to grow.
Textio Lift makes giving feedback easy. Managers can either write feedback themselves and Textio Lift will support them by editing the feedback to ensure its high quality, or managers can also select Textio’s “Write it with me” AI feature and, with a few clicks, Textio Lift will generate feedback for them.
“At Lattice, we believe that timely, relevant, and high-quality feedback is key to driving a high-performance culture, so it is really important for us to ensure our People platform makes giving and receiving feedback seamless and accessible in the flow of work,” said Cara Brennan Allamano, CPO at Lattice. “When it comes to inclusive language and writing support, Textio has one of the strongest reputations in HR – so we’re thrilled to be able to offer Textio Lift’s incredible performance feedback capabilities to our mutual customers to help them give better feedback, improve employee outcomes and grow their business.”
Together Textio and Lattice give managers the skills and tools they need to unlock every employee’s potential.
Get started writing actionable performance feedback today with a free trial of Textio Lift for Lattice.
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