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Get certified in Inclusive Employer Brand: New in Textio U!

The days of employer brand being owned solely by official company channels are long over. In today’s context, employer brand is a shared story that your company co-authors with its employees. Every single person on your team (including you) plays a role in your organization's story and reputation.

It turns out that company reputations matter quite a bit. According to a 2021 Glassdoor report, 50% of candidates won’t apply for a role with a company that has a poor reputation, even for a pay increase. Compare that to the 92% of candidates who would switch roles for an organization with an excellent reputation.

There is no question that your employer brand impacts your company’s ability to attract, hire, engage, and retain a diverse team that does excellent work. In Textio U’s newest certification course on Inclusive Employer Brand, you’ll learn how to more effectively play a role in your company’s story.

Lesson topics include:

  • The shifting employer brand landscape and how you can play a role
  • How to create and utilize an Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
  • The language you need to create an inclusive employer brand
  • Case studies from best in class employer brands
  • How to harness employee advocacy to showcase your employer brand

In less than an hour, you’ll receive a certification that you can share with your network and post on your LinkedIn profile.

The course is available today, for all Textio customers. Ready to get your certification? See you over at Textio U!

All stories
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