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NVIDIA chalks up major hiring gains to augmented writing technology

The last time we wrote about NVIDIA, Textio was the buzz of the company and the adoption rate of Textio’s augmented writing platform was going viral. At the time, Monica Spehar, Program Manager for University Recruiting and Diversity, had a simple explanation for NVIDIA’s rapid rollout: “We crave data.”

Today, with just few months’ worth of open roles filled since starting to author their job descriptions in Textio, NVIDIA is getting the data they crave—and it’s already showing a dramatic impact on their hiring.

A Textio Score of 70 or above means a 17% faster time to fill

A Textio Score of 90 or above means a 50% faster time to fill

Filling roles 50% faster

When NVIDIA’s job descriptions reach a Textio Score of 70 or above, their roles fill 17% faster than their baseline average. But posts that score 90 or above fill in half the time.

Spehar says that NVIDIA originally set a minimum score of 70, so that’s where the majority of their listings fall. When she saw the data on how much this was helping her team, she was delighted. Even for the naysayers at the company, Spehar now had the data to prove Textio’s success. “How can you argue against almost 20 percent faster to fill?” she says.

A graph showing that as Textio Score increases, female job applicants increases from 21% to 27%

28% boost in the percentage of women who apply

NVIDIA also found that as their score increased, so did the percentage of applications from women. “Moving the needle on the female applicant pool is one of the most difficult things to do in tech,” notes Spehar. As a leader in the field of AI and machine learning, building a diverse workforce is incredibly important for NVIDIA’s future business.

So for Spehar, it was incredibly heartening to see that when their average Textio Score moved from 37 to 90, NVIDIA saw a 28% increase in the proportion of women in their applicant pools.

This wowed Spehar: “To my team I’m like, ‘People, this takes ten minutes.’ That’s almost no effort in the recruiting process, but if you put in that little bit, you see the change. You see that you’re getting a stronger applicant pool, especially for women.”

A bar chart showing that an EOE statement increases the number of qualified candidates

Data drives global change in hiring

One of the most interesting pieces of data that Textio found was the importance of a strong equal opportunity statement. Textio found that not only does a strong EOE statement attract more qualified candidates in the U.S., but more interestingly it almost doubles the number of qualified applicants NVIDIA sees globally.

Seeing that data was all they needed to roll out a new, stronger EOE statement globally. “In the U.S. it’s required, but it also makes a statement in regards to diversity hiring. And that resonates. It doesn’t matter where you sit in the world. It resonates even more in our non-U.S. roles. Globally, it’s clearly making a difference.”

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