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Recruit like a marketer: Getting creative to beat the competition [Webinar]

How do you attract a diverse, highly qualified candidate pool when all your talent competitors are going after the same people? You get creative. You get strategic.

You put on your marketing hat and tell a story about your company and culture that can’t be beat.

Consider the parallels: Marketers build campaigns around a compelling brand identity and value proposition to attract would-be customers. They craft messaging that’s tailored to their target audience and distinct from their competition. They create consistent on-brand communications that paint a clear picture of the company across web pages, emails, and live events. They use data to measure performance and refine their message to tell a more powerful story.

It’s a perfect framework to apply to recruiting, and you can get all the details and to-dos in our on-demand partner webinar, “Recruiting Like a Marketer: How to Get Creative to Beat the Competition.” In this discussion, Textio’s Chief People Officer KC Jorgensen and Glassdoor’s Global Head of Talent Acquisition Julie Coucoules share strategies for leveraging culture, creativity, and data to elevate your employer brand and recruit the best candidates.

Get access here.

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