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Showing candidates you value inclusion, in all the places they’re looking

Put on your Job Seeker shoes for a sec. In this hot talent market, you’ve got lots of options. And after almost two years of pandemic life (with plenty of social, political, and environmental stressors thrown in), you’re extra choosy about how you’re going to spend your days. You’re clear on your values, and in your next role, you’re looking for alignment.

Where are you looking? Certainly at the careers sites, employee blogs, and actual job descriptions of the roles you’re most interested in. Those reveal so much about the culture you’d be joining. But you want a real feel for what it’d be like to work with your potential new colleagues. You may get a chance to ask some questions in interviews, but you’re hungry for more insight. So you do what any savvy candidate would do: You look up your future manager and future teammates on LinkedIn.
Textio employee Anna's employee advocacy post on LinkedIn re: flexible workplace and remote work
Recruiting teams, hiring managers, and employer brand advocates alike post and comment on LinkedIn to talk about exciting work they’re involved in, what they enjoy about working at their company, and of course, hiring opportunities. Each of these posts that a prospective candidate sees shapes their impression of a company and what it’s like to work there. And candidates are definitely looking: A CareerArc study showed that 55% of job seekers find social and professional networks to be the most useful resource during a job search. As a Talent Leader (oh—put your Talent Leader shoes back on now), it’s smart to be mindful of this.

More and more, job seekers are screening your company for signs that you value inclusion in particular. And if you’re really committed to building a diverse team and an enduring culture of belonging, it's the people who share your inclusive values that you most want to attract. They’re the people who help everyone feel like they belong. They create and sustain an inclusive culture.

Textio already helps your team draft more inclusive and effective job descriptions, sourcing mails, careers site copy, employee blogs, and other talent brand content. The Textio platform shows you where you can avoid exclusionary language, incorporate inclusionary language, and amplify your unique brand language. If you’re like most of the great organizations we work with, you’ve been revamping your employer brand over the past couple years to further emphasize your commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. And now, with Textio, every employee can be an inclusive brand ambassador for your company.

Starting today, Textio for Employer Brand customers will see Textio’s inclusive language guidance as they write LinkedIn posts and comments! This new feature helps employees write more inclusively from their own platform, while also showcasing your inclusive workplace culture.

Textio inclusive language guidance examples

How you're showing up on LinkedIn as individuals and an organization is a significant part of your employer brand and has a real impact on who can see themselves at your company. If you’re a Textio for Employer Brand customer, be sure your team is all set up to use this latest resource!
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