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Textio makes the shortlist for two big HR tech awards

2017 started out strong for Textio. We’ve learned that we are finalists for both the disruptHR award at HR Tech World London and the iTalent competition at HRO Forum. So we’re going to go make the case in person that with Textio you can hire smarter.

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On March 21st, our Co-founder and CEO, Kieran Snyder will join five other companies onstage at HR Tech World London to talk about Textio as a part of the disruptHR showcase. The event serves to highlight innovative start-ups who want to disrupt the status quo of HR.

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And on May 1st in Chicago, HRO Forum kicks off. Textio will present as one of eight finalists for the iTalent Competition. The HRO Forum iTalent competition recognizes the top technology companies bringing innovative solutions to the HR space and helping businesses recruit, hire and develop talent.

Thanks for your support along this journey.

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