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Textio signs on with McDonald’s Corporation to bring augmented writing to their recruiting emails and job posts

Textio, the developer of the world’s first augmented writing platform, today announced a new partnership with the McDonald’s Corporation.

Together with its Franchisees, McDonald’s receives upwards of 20 million applicants a year to support hiring nearly two million people, making them one of the most significant employers in the world. As McDonald’s is planning for their next stage of growth, they are investing in world class technologies that improve their hiring and recruiting processes at scale. Textio, a 2019 Finalist for the SxSW Innovation Awards, has been brought on board to enable McDonald’s to not only recruit and hire faster, but also to ensure they reach top-quality applicants in an inclusive manner.

As McDonald’s continues to modernize their technology across the enterprise, from self-order kiosks to adopting newer recruiting technology, McDonald’s saw an opportunity to partner with Textio to bring the vibrant culture and brand voice of McDonald’s into the recruiting process.

“At McDonald’s, our goal is to create feel good moments that ensure everyone feels welcome and included. That starts with the language we use when we reach out to you as a candidate,” said Joshua Secrest, Sr. Director of Global Talent Attraction. “Textio’s innovative augmented writing platform will give us the insights to know, in real time, whether the language we are using is attracting the most qualified and diverse candidates we can.”

Textio is fueled by a massive data set of real-world hiring outcomes from hundreds of millions of job listings across industries and around the globe. Every month, this data set grows by 10 million new documents, with the latest hiring results attached to each one. The work with McDonald’s will further develop the platform’s capabilities in the hospitality and franchise industry.

“Partnering with one of the world’s most iconic brands is such a treat (pun intended). I’m excited to see McDonald’s embrace augmented writing and modernize their recruiting process,” said Kieran Snyder, co-founder and CEO, Textio. “This partnership will change the experience of millions of people applying to McDonald’s every year and allow McDonald’s to showcase its unique culture in the language that they use.”

In addition to making it easier for hiring managers and recruiters to write collaboratively in McDonald’s brand language, Textio Hire will allow McDonald’s to write gender neutral job posts, aligning with the company’s goals to combat gender bias in the workplace.

“We’re excited to see the language patterns Textio uncovers to help our teams continuously learn and grow in the moment,” said Secrest. “Textio takes the sometimes painful process of writing a job post or a recruiting email and makes it fun and engaging.”
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