textio u first open-access course launching July 12th on Interrupting Bias in Hiring
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Interrupt bias in your hiring process: New Textio U certification

Most of us are aware that bias in hiring is pervasive. Unconscious bias in common hiring practices has been thoroughly documented by academic researchers and companies alike, and many of us have taken at least one unconscious bias training before. But, there is still so much that all of us can do to increase inclusion and decrease bias in our hiring.  

While agreement on the problem is validating, it doesn't help us figure out which steps to take next. And, when it comes to a massive problem like unconscious bias in hiring, it's easy to lose steam or get discouraged by not knowing where to start. That's why we created this course: to help you move from theory to practice. You'll learn a few concrete actions you can take to interrupt bias in your company's hiring process.

Textio U's newest open-access certification course

Textio U's newest certification course is our first open-access course—anyone is welcome to take it! That includes Textio subscribers and non-subscribers alike. Not only is confronting bias in hiring the right thing to do, but it’s also the smart thing to do. Allowing bias to play out unchecked can mean missing out on excellent candidates or building a less-diverse talent pipeline.

To interrupt bias, we have to start by identifying it in all parts of our hiring and recruiting practices. That means scrutinizing everything from how we write job descriptions to the interview questions we use to how we evaluate responses to those questions fairly. There's so much that any team can do to improve its approach to inclusive hiring, and that's exactly what this course is all about.

Lessons include: 

  • Bringing bias into focus
  • Attracting talent inclusively 
  • Evaluating candidates objectively 

Let's interrupt bias in hiring 

Share this course across your company, particularly those you interview with. It's free for everyone, again that even includes non-Textio subscribers. In less than an hour, you’ll receive a LinkedIn certification to share with your network. Come learn with us, see you over at Textio U!

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